Fashionable Technology | The Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z Update & Giveaway!

Lenovo ThinkCentre A70zIt has been exactly 2 months since I first blogged about the Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z and to be quite honest with you, I’m spoiled. I’ve taken this system for granted.

When I got the computer to review I decided that all blog posts would be crafted using the Lenovo. That meant uploading and editing photos, writing, blog software, etc. I moved the system upstairs to my home office (my little closet turned into desk space) and really decided that I needed to separate blogging from my personal life and carve out a special time period in my day to do what I love. I mean The Art of Accessories is serious business, folks! So I’ve written almost every post for the last 2 months on this system and I’ve been spoiled. The system is fast, I can upload and store all my images, the screen is way bigger than my netbook, Macbook or iPad, and did I mention how fast it is? I also think I’ve convinced my parents that they need to upgrade their PC to this system and get the version with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Simplicity is key.

I am honestly going to be sad when I give this system back. It’s been nice to have some power in my PC and that’s coming from a long time Mac user. Really, this is a nice home office, small business system…my office at work needs to be upgraded to these. My desktop at work is slooooooow and this would be a very great upgrade.

So now that I’ve tried it out, YOU will get a chance to win one of these babies! That’s right, I said you get a chance to WIN ONE! Starting today there will be 21 sites giving away the same unit I reviewed (we all reviewed one) until July 24. Every site will have a different way for you to win, so I’m letting you know their giveaway dates and their sites so that you have more chances. I’ll be giving away a unit starting on July 12th, so keep reading The Art of Accessories and you might be a lucky winner! Good luck!

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