My New York

4th of July
Happy Tuesday! I wasn’t really ready to get back to blogging after a great weekend in NYC and then a relaxing day in MD yesterday (I finally saw Eclipse and want to know why Taylor Lautner had his shirt one waaaay too much). It’s so hard to get back into the groove of things sometimes! But I’m back to the grind and wanted to share a really cool experience.

My uncle’s neighbor saw me taking pictures of my husband and his siblings on the front stoop of the porch at a BBQ. I have a Canon Rebel T1i DSLR, a bit fancier than a point and shoot but I’m still learning how to use it and really take great photos. I’ve always like taking pictures and have always had a camera but I’ve started to get more serious about it over the last year or two…blame the blog.

Well, the neighbor, Michelle, asked if she could see my camera and then she said, “I think I have some lenses in my house that will fit this, want to try them out and play around?” Um…yeah! How can I ever pass up an opportunity to try something new?

Turns out, Michelle is Michelle Agins…Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times photographer. She also took all of the photographs in the book Sisterfriends that I got from my sister a few years ago for Christmas. Best hour and a half I’ve ever spent. She just kept putting on lens after lens saying now take  a picture of that and try that, and over there! It was insanely cool and wonderful to get to see how powerful my camera really can be. The best part was when she told me, “someone let me play with their camera years ago and now I’m passing the favor forward to you.” So does this mean I could have a Pulitzer in my future some day too?! How insanely amazing that would be.

The pics above are just pics I took before the day before on the Brooklyn Bridge with the family. I was festive all weekend with red, white and blue, I like to be a little cheesy. If you want to see the rest of the pics I took and the ones I took with Michelle’s lenses you can go to my Flickr Set. The best ones are the ones with the close-ups of family. That lens was INSANE!

What did you do for the holiday weekend?

0 thoughts on “My New York

  1. How cool! I’m totally jealous. If you learn any great tips, feel free to share. *wink* hahaha. It’s always great to learn from the pros than any book when it comes to photography. That’s been my experience.

    I checked out your photos on Flickr, and heck yeah – that’s a great lens. Was it a 70mm-200mm and F2.8? Those are expensive fancy lenses. I shot with my photo teachers fixed 300mm F2.8 sports lens…holy fast. I love that blurred background that looks like a flat watercolor that you can only get with a telephoto.

    Glad you had a great weekend!
    .-= Alissa´s last blog ..Music Mayhem – Pomplamoose =-.

    • @Alissa I think so, I wasn’t checking the lens out as much because I knew I couldn’t afford it! HA! So sad but true. I looooove how the background blurs, it really does make the person the focal point. It was such an amazing moment to get to have. I was very lucky.

  2. I had a fabulous weekend as well. 65 degree weather, beach, shopping, motorcycle ride….beautiful. I love your picture collage! What program did you use?

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