2010 Beauty Challenge | June & Luminess Air

Luminess Air For the month of June I decided to do an entire month only using the Luminess Air system I received for review at the Makeup Show in May. Last year I tried their spray tan system and I have to say I was really excited to get to try their makeup system. The first thing that everyone would ask if I mentioned airbrushing on Twitter or in general was: 1. Isn’t it hard? 2. Don’t you look like you spray painted your makeup on?

No and no.

After consistently using this system for 30 days straight, I’m hooked. Seriously.
Luminess Air
I watched their short video demonstration on how to operate the system, I was already pretty familiar because of the spray tan system but I wanted to make sure I got my technique down. You drop a few drops of makeup in the well of the airbrush, pull back the trigger and spray a light mist over your face. It tickles at first when you try it but you get over that fairly quickly. I sprayed 2 to 3 coats over my face letting each layer dry for about 30 seconds in between. I found the finish to be pretty flawless. You can make the coverage as heavy or as thin as you like (I’ll also do a separate post about another brand of makeup I tried in the system).

The starter kit comes with primer, highlighter, bronzer, blush and several shades of foundation to choose from. I wasn’t a fan of the primer since I use a primer and a good moisturizer already, so I didn’t need the extra layer. I really like the bronzer and added drops of it to the foundation before applying for a nice all around glow or airbrushed my cheekbones to give them a bit more wow factor. I wish the blush shade I had was a bit deeper, I felt like it disappeared a bit under my skin so I’d use a cream blush on the apples of my cheeks before I applied the foundation.

Here’s what I love about airbrush foundation:

  • It’s light. Perfect when you want coverage even on a hot and humid day.
  • The makeup doesn’t transfer. Sometimes with bottle foundation I find that I still have to blot with tissues to make sure there isn’t excess makeup getting on a white shirt or someone else. I did not have that problem at all.
  • The makeup lasts. I would spray on the foundation and do a light dusting of translucent powder afterwards and it would really hold up all day long.
  • The finish is flawless. It really does give your skin a smooth, even, perfectly applied layer of foundation. I got several compliments on how great my skin looked in June and really I owe it to Luminess Air. This applies better than liquid foundation.

The system I received for review is the iLuminess that retails for $229, but they have a few different versions outlined here on their website. This version comes with a compact airbrush system and a sleek silver carrying case. I’ve used the case and traveled with it so it does make it very handy. If you can’t afford this system, the larger version is $169.95. If you wear makeup on a daily basis, this is definitely something to consider investing in, I loved it for the ease and quickness of application. Cleaning it is a breeze and I even had to call Customer Service with an issue and they were delightfully helpful to me.

My next step with the system will be to buy eye shadow, I definitely want to try that out and see what I can do with my eye makeup. Feel free to ask me more questions in the comments, I’ll answer it all. I truly, truly enjoyed this system. It’s definitely worth the investment in my eyes.

0 thoughts on “2010 Beauty Challenge | June & Luminess Air

  1. Isn’t that the truth! Luminess makes fantastic cosmetics. My sister was so afraid to try airbrush because she thought that it would be crazy difficult! But on the contrary, it is so easy. I think that she was scared to spray her face with makeup. But Luminess is not like a regular spray, it’s like a very small light mist that you can control easily.

    And it takes me no time to look very finished. This is a great product. Only thing is that you need to save up to buy it. Once you got it, airbrush makeup is actually very affordable because those little bottles of airbrush foundation last for months.

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  3. Wow, you’ve made me a believer. I wouldn’t have thought it would look as nice but your skin is glowing. I’ve been thinking about trying it but the system I saw at Sephora is kind of expensive but at least this brand has a less expensive option and it looks like they have a price just to test it out. I might have to get it DWJ!

    • @Vyque think about it this way, I’ve invested at least as much in my makeup brushes. The tools you invest in are what really make the makeup work the best. Don’t just use it for your wedding, use it for everyday makeup.

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