Happiness To Me Is A Green Clog

Miz MoozI have been a fan of Miz Mooz shoes for a long time now. One of the first times KBJ and I first went to NY together he took me to the Village and bought me a pair of pink Miz Mooz clogs. I think I wore them until the tread fell off, they were that wonderful to me and he thought I was cute as pie in pink clogs. So while we were in NYC for the weekend, we were wandering around the Village and stopped into Miz Mooz.

Now I have been on a budget for a while and have been very good, so I think KBJ knew when I saw the Rain clog in the most perfect shade of Kelly green, our budget wasn’t even on my mind. I had to own them. I saw lots of things I liked while window shopping in NY but these clogs HAD to be mine.

To me, these clogs are happiness. I squealed with delight when I saw them and knew they were going to be mine as soon as I slid my foot in them. I’m 99.9% sure I will find a way to wear these with everything I own all year long. I am in clog bliss. I know not everyone loves a good clog, but you’re talking about a girl who loves clogs and the color green. I haven’t had a pair of green clogs since I was 15 and I’m so happy I have a pair in my closet now. Don’t worry, I’m back on my budget now.

So clogs are my thing, Miz Mooz are my weakness. What’s your weakness? I’d love to know.

0 thoughts on “Happiness To Me Is A Green Clog

  1. No need to say anything you know how I feel about these!!!!!

    My weakness….Coach bags but I think you already knew that!

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