How To Accessorize | Casual Friday

Casual Friday

It appears that DC went from winter blizzards to hot as hell in a matter of weeks. For about 2 weeks straight I wore nothing but dresses and skirts and have had to put my jeans on hiatus for a cooler day. The other week I was just tired of dressed and wanted to wear pants on my Friday, so I pulled out my summer alternative to jeans, white wide leg trousers.

I love white pants, except for the fact that they get so dirty so fast! Ugh…but I was careful that day. The pants are a pair I bought from the Gap 2 or 3 years ago, the T-shirt is also from Gap on sale the other week, the sandals I won on Twitter from Nine West, the handbag Dooney & Bourke, the necklace is something I’ve owned for a while (I  have no clue what the stone is, I bought it because it was green) and the sunglasses are courtesy of Angel Eyewear.

I love the sandals from Nine West but I wish they had just a slight wedge heel to them. They are so flat and I can’t walk in super flat shoes all day. I got several compliments on this shade of green and was told I looked super summery with the white and green. I thought it was a crisp combination. I also love the Dooney bag, I found it on sale at a TJ Maxx a few years ago and it has paint splatters all over it! So fun and very me. I felt cool and light and was happy I changed up from my constant state of dresses. We took these pics on the rooftop parking garage of the  Whole Foods in DC right after we had some gelato to cool off.

So what do you like to wear when the heat is blazing?

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | Casual Friday

  1. So chic I love the combo of white and green! My favorite thing to wear on a hot day is a easy breeze jersey knit dress but as hot as it’s been here (2 hours south of DC) I’m starting to run out of options. I usually like to pair a solid dress with a funky necklace and a cardigan but the heat is taking the style right out of me these days!

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