The Beginnings of a Vision Board

O Magazine Vision Board
I’ve been thinking about the direction of my life lately. What direction do I want my career to go in? How can I be more creative every day? What do I love to do and how do I turn that into a job? I’ve been asking myself those kinds of questions, frequently. My brain is always buzzing and I never seem to write any of it down.

I downloaded May’s issue of O Magazine to my iPad because on the cover I saw an article, What The Heck’s A Vision Board—and How Can It Change Your Life? by Martha Beck. I was intrigued. Perhaps I needed this to get myself started.

It was an interesting article. I’ve shared it with Jaci and Jessica because they’re my friends that would also be interested in this kind of thing and I’ve started to compile a few images of things that I love. Things that strike me and then hopefully let the vision board fall into place or help lead me to the next “thing” I need to be doing.

All of my items I realize deal with fashion or style of some sort. They also go very nicely together. I’m still adding things, I have some textured paper I want to tack to my vision board as well but currently it’s a digital board that will be living on the blog or in my Flickr account. Perhaps I’ll create a set of images I love and go from there. I’m not totally sure.

The article is definitely an interesting read, so I thought I’d share it. Perhaps it will help you find your vision too. Has anyone else tried something like this?

Vision board items:

  1. Image via Fifi Lapin’s blog
  2. Alexander McQueen fashion show image
  3. Mahnolo Blahniks I took a picture of at an event
  4. Keep Calm and Carry On, the current skin on my iPad
  5. Image via May 2010 Marie Claire

0 thoughts on “The Beginnings of a Vision Board

  1. I created a vision board for myself a couple months ago, when a friend of mine had a vision board party! Even if I never get my dream job (working for a major cosmetics company on the corporate side) at least I have a place to dream of….. and drift off into lala land about .

  2. I have a vision board that I’ve been working on for 3 years…. It’s definitely a posterboard with magazine cutouts on it, very old-school, and I love it. It breed creativity! It’s mostly full, though it does have blank spaces: I add onto it as I see something that makes me laugh or inspires me, I don’t fill spaces JUST to fill spaces. I think I may have to do a post about it soon too!
    .-= Bren´s last blog ..Superfashionable Stunna Shades Giveaway! =-.

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