Today Is THE Final Day

I’m not going to lie. I’m so excited about giving away a computer tomorrow I can’t think about anything else. So today’s post is a reminder that if you haven’t entered already YOU HAVE TO DO IT BEFORE 11:59PM (EST) tonight!! And if you have entered, tell someone else and give them a shot at winning too!

I’m going to wake up Friday morning, go to to pick the winner (your comment has a number next to it in my blog dashboard I can see the order in which comments were entered, that will be your number and that’s what I’ll go by) and announce my winner as my Friday’s Fabulousness. I mean, winning a computer is pretty fabulous, right?

I hope that YOU win so I can make your day.

Good luck and click here to find out how to win your own Lenovo A70z all-in-one computer. YAY!

0 thoughts on “Today Is THE Final Day

  1. That IS exciting! 121 comments so far (well since I’ve been here). Hope random picks me! Although, random never seems to pick #1! I should’ve waited to enter. Hahah. Eitherway, I hope it brings lots of traffic to your blog!

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