Friday’s Fabulousness | And The Winner Is…

Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z First, I have to say thank you to the kind folks at Lenovo and Ivy Worldwide for coordinating this great giveaway. I know some of you (I’m looking at the fellas) will unsubscribe or stop following immediately after this contest is announced. That’s okay, you wanted to win and I understand that. I hope that some of you will stick around and get to know the A of A.

If you didn’t win, there are still a few other sites running contests and you can find the list here. You can also purchase your own Lenovo here, they start around $500 for this system which is a pretty great deal.

So…what you’ve all been waiting for. The winner of the Lenovo is….

RONI W!!!!

Congrats, Roni (you should have an email from me in your inbox). And thanks to everyone who entered.

0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness | And The Winner Is…

  1. Congrats Roni! 🙂 Remember how I said the other day, I never win anything…well, other than Bobbi Brown…I won a $1000 gift pack from Glamour mag yesterday! I got a Botkier Noa Tote and a TON of beauty goodies. I think your blog gave me good luck. 🙂

  2. Thank you DWJ and to my lucky grey CHUCKS (that I have on this very second) I’m so grateful for winning the most awesome computer! Oh and thank you also to Lenovo!

    • If/when someone is willing to give me an iPad to giveaway I will definitely be all over it for the blog. I want everyone to know the joys of my iPad! LOL

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