Standing In Front Of Doors

I apologize if I appear slightly all over the map on the blog lately but my life has been evolving and I’ve been changing a bit so with that the blog changes too. I’ve been taking a lot of photos since I bought a new camera a few months back and so has my BFF Jess so I thought I’d share two snaps from the weekend before last that I liked a lot. Jessica and I stumbled on to a museum in Old Town Alexandria in the middle of a neighborhood and the doorway was perfect for an outfit snapshot I needed for the Fashion Frontline project (yes, that’s returning next week and you’ll see this outfit again in full detail). I loved the teal door and the peach columns, very South Beach in the middle of Northern Virginia, who knew? I love the ruffles on this dress from ModCloth, I just don’t love the length on me so I added some denim leggings to up my comfort level.
I had Jess stand in front of this very cool barn style door before we hopped into Ben & Jerry’s to get ice cream. It’s a deeper blue than the door I was standing in front of and I love how it made her orange handbag pop out at me. I’m also jealous at how she can do the perfect cuff on her jeans. Seeing as how I’m searching for a new pair of jeans, I’ve got time to perfect my roll before fall comes.

So I’m sharing a few new shots, what’s new in your life?

0 thoughts on “Standing In Front Of Doors

  1. I love the snapshots in front of the doors they are all kinds of lovely. I also like the outfit your rocking the leggings actually add to the outfit and give it a foundation to pull all the wonderful colors your wearing together! You never cease to amaze me with your keen sense of style!

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