Psychedelic Lips

Lola Psychedelic Lip Art PotsI don’t remember how many months ago I bought the Lola Psychedelic Lip Art gloss pot but I know the picture has been sitting on my BlackBerry forever. I took a picture of it in the pot because I knew it would never look this cool or magical ever again. And immediately after I took the picture I stuck my finger in it and the perfection was lost forever. Sigh…

I bought Purple Haze and it comes off as a lovely gold flecked purple/pink shade on my lips. You can wear it sheer or keep applying to build up a bit more color but it isn’t as heavy as lipstick. This is a gloss I keep tossed in my bag because sometimes I just like to change my lip color up randomly during the day and I think it’s so pretty in the pot. I’m a sucker for packaging, I really am.

I also am a sucker for any gloss that isn’t sticky on my lips or feels dry and this doesn’t. I also think I love that the makeup line is called Lola, so you automatically think anything you buy from them will make you a sexy siren.

Am I the only person who has bought something just because it was so pretty? Please tell me I’m not alone…

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