Weekend Bargains

frye bagHappy Monday! This weekend I found myself browsing the aisles of TJ Maxx and Marshall’s with one of my girlfriends. I window shopped and she shopped, but wow it was painful. There are soooo many things and such great prices out there but I’m on a strict no shopping budget indefinitely (damn you recession). So what did I see?

The first bargain was this GORGEOUS Frye handbag for $150. $150 is a steal because I know this bag would easily go for $300 or more at full retail. I love the grey leather (soft as I don’t know what!) and the blue insets. It was such a cute satchel shape, just big enough to hold my iPad and everyday work essentials.
sam edelman
My other crazy find were these very wild zebra print, pony hard, clog/oxford hybrid, the Sam Edelman Faye Clog. I kind of adore them.

I know, they’re crazy wild. They are crazy tall too but they have a platform in them and I’m used to walking in high clogs so I immediately gravitated towards these shoes. I kept trying to brainstorm outfits I would wear with them and it mainly consisted of dresses, dresses with colorful tights and long wide leg trousers. I don’t know why I love these but I do and they were $79, not as big a bargain but cheaper than the $150 they’re listed for at Nordstrom.
chickenThe last thing I fell in love with…a chicken.

I’m not a shabby chic decor girl, I don’t like country or farm style, it’s just not my taste. My home is pretty modern, clean lines and lots of bold color. Yet for some reason, I fell in love with this very big chicken. I’m kind of kicking myself for not dropping the $17 for it (I may go back) but it’s green and has all the colors of my home in it and would be the perfect quirky centerpiece for my kitchen table. I may need to ask Jessica for her professional design opinion but I have a feeling she would’ve told me if I had such a strong reaction to it I should’ve bought it. Sigh…

So these were the bargains I saw and didn’t buy, anyone else see anything good this weekend?

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    • I had a feeling you would love these clogs. I know they aren’t really practical for my life but that doesn’t keep me from loving them anyway!

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