If I Didn’t Have An iPad I Would Want This

magazine tote
How delightfully adorable is the Anya Hindmarch Newspapers and Magazines tote? I saw it on Net-A-Porter when I was browsing. I’ve never purchased anything from their site because it’s all mainly high end but they do have a lot of pieces that leave me swooning.

With all of the magazines I subscribe to via Maghound, along with my annual subscriptions, my Women’s Wear Daily…I have a stack of magazines that are always waiting to be carried to a hair appointment or while I’m getting a pedicure. I would probably keep my mags in this bag and in the in between, throw my weekend stuff in it for when I’m running errands (I swear I go to Costco and the grocery store way more than I ever want to in a week…).

It’s so cute, I’d even stash pierre in this. I will admit, having an iPad has lightened my magazine carrying load. My totes are way lighter than they used to be.

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