Wish List | Coach Poppy Sequins Spotlight

coach poppy sequins spotlightI go up and down with Coach, mainly because they’re not in my price range currently (damn you recession). I own several Coach bags that I’ve had for years but in previous years I couldn’t justify the price for bags I wasn’t in LOOOOVE with.

But lately their Poppy line has me swooning. More specifically, if I had $400 right now I would drop it on the Poppy Sequins Spotlight bag in blue jean. I saw this bag up close and personal in Macy’s the other day and it’s even better than I imagined. Sparkly blue goodness, nice size and did I mention the sparkly blue goodness?

I want it and I would wear it with everything.

0 thoughts on “Wish List | Coach Poppy Sequins Spotlight

  1. Super cute! I go back and forth with Coach too. I just think they are a bit pricey at times, especially since EVERYONE has them. I think there are so many designers that make great bags at the same price or less…so, sometimes I’d rather be the girl with the totally awesome random brand (I know you have a ton of fab bags in all sorts of random designers). Although, sometimes Coach puts them out – like this one – that are completely irresistible!

    • I think it’s all the sparkles that makes it so irresistible. I mean seriously, it’s gorgeous. I wish I had the cash to drop on it, because I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  2. This bag is pretty freaking amazing. I saw it in the store this weekend and my friend literally had to rip it out of my hands and make me back away so I wouldn’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on this beautiful Coach purse!

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