How To Accessorize | @Momomod Edition

American Girl
First, let me apologize for the squint in these photos. My photographer (the husband) was a bit impatient and I had the sun staring down on me on my front porch. In all he took 3 photos…the ones you see above. I usually take more than that so I have some options but I guess I can’t be picky when I asked him to do me a favor, right?

This outfit is dedicated to my blogging buddy Chandra of (it stands for More Modern Modesty). I won a $25 gift card to Macy’s from her blog and in honor of more modern modesty, I thought my outfit would be appropriate. I was actually talking about modesty on Twitter the other day and someone said it’s a lost art and it kind of is. I’ve always been more conservative in my style, and at most I might show a bit of cleavage on a good day but that’s about it.

So about the outfit, this is work chic at it’s best for me. I picked up the skirt on sale at Macy’s for $19, YAY! It’s a Rafaella and it’s cut like a denim skirt but in a heavy cotton material. I love the red and blue graphic detail, it just jumped out at me. I can either dress it up like above or wear it with a white or navy tee and my Chuck Taylors. The top is a Gap Outlet purchase I’ve had for 2 summers (you always need a nice short sleeve white cotton number, scoop necks are always flattering). The accessories are my favorite! This blue satin belt is a very random belt with no designer name that I snagged for $10 at Filene’s Basement this spring. I just loved the flower and figured I could add it to something in my wardrobe. My peep toes are Franco Sarto, which you also saw me style here. And for another layer of color I thought I’d add a turquoise necklace that I’ve had for year. It’s kind of my alternative to a string of pearls. Oh and my watch is a Swatch, the Tri-Gold. I bought this watch 10 years ago as a serious work watch and I always get compliments. Folks are always surprised it’s a Swatch!

On a side note, you might notice I got a haircut. I’ve progressively gone shorter and this time my stylist went shorter than normal. I like it but I kind of feel like I look like the black Peter Pan, HA! You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | @Momomod Edition

  1. Oh I love it, it’s a great work outfit. The bold blue and red are striking and that rose belt is adorable. I never have that great a luck when shopping in Filene’s.

  2. That skirt looks stunning on you – love.that.color!
    And only three shots + you were able to use them all? That’s amazing. You look great in all these shots girl *snap snap*


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