Mizani Thermasmooth Shine Extend

Mizani Thermasmooth Shine Extend I don’t talk about my hair much on The Art of Accessories, but in the last month I’ve been asked more questions about my hair than ever. Sooo…I’ll share more about what I use. So if you have thick hair, dry hair, I’m your girl and you’ll want to listen up.

The latest hair product that has been added to my beauty arsenal is from my mother and sister, Mizani Thermasmooth Shine Extend Anti-Humidity Spritz. I’m kind of in love with this product.

My mother loved it and my sister ABW picked it up but she felt it left her hair a bit oily so she passed it on to me. I use it before I flat iron my hair and I love the shine it gives my hair. In this heat I swear my hair can look a bit dull after being in the sun for an hour. I have very thick hair that can soak up oil, so I liked that it kinds of coats my strands with a bit of glossiness when I style it. It also has a light scent that isn’t overpowering and I hate when hair products smell too strong. ABW has fine hair but lots of it and I think this spritz weighed her hair down just a bit.

On the Mizani website they show an entire line of products in the Thermasmooth system (this is considered the last step). I may have to drive over to my local Sally Beauty Supply to  pick up the shampoo and conditioner to give them a test drive as well.

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