Birthday Wishes | Peridot Pieces

I’m not going to lie, I love the month of August because it is my birthday month. YAY! I am a Virgo and I love everything about August, it’s my special month. And because my birthday isn’t until the 30th I have all month to dream about gifts I would want and things I can suggest to my husband.

Now we’re on a super tight budget, I know. And I got Pierre (my iPad) in May, so really, I don’t deserve/need a big gift but if I had my choice I’d ask for the Sterling Silver Lemon Quartz & Peridot Floral Ring and the Sterling Silver Peridot Bangle Bracelet from Kohl’s. Have I mentioned that my favorite color is green which makes me love my birth stone? I love Peridots almost as much as I love emeralds, but they’re way more economical.

The added bonus by buying both of these items together? Kohl’s is having a buy 1 get 1 for free sale on their website, so my husband/someone could score both of these items for a mere $300. Great, right?

When’s your birthday? What’s your birth stone?

0 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes | Peridot Pieces

  1. That is a pretty stone! I’m a Virgo also, but my birthday is Sept 10th and my stone is a Sapphire. I like sapphires, but blue isn’t my favorite color. I wish I was in October because I love, love, love opal!

  2. I’m an August baby too! The 23rd is my day, so we share the peridot for a birthstone. I love that shade of green but never really paid attention that it was the color of my birthstone.

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