How To Accessorize | Pops of Pink and Clogs!

Cole Haan Sling back Clogs I am finally doing a post with clogs, I promised this so long ago I know.

So these are my Cole Haan sling back clogs. I bought them in 2005 (I think) at a Nordstrom Rack in Virginia. I immediately fell in love with them and knew they were going to be mine. They have a little basket weave pattern on the toe, about a half inch platform in the front and I can wear these all day long. Some folks complain about wearing wood shoes, I am not one of them. Seriously, I’ve traveled all day in and out of airports in these shoes because I can slip them on and off with ease. These clogs are my favorites, plus in the summer I get about as brown as the shoe so they become a nude shoe to me.
Pops of Pink
Now here is how I wore them!

Same concept as my Flower Child look, full skirt matched with a big belt and scoop neck top. This was my outfit for work on Friday (I just can’t wear jeans right now. It’s too HOT!). I do wear a little half foot sock whenever I wear clogs, so that’s the little bit of fabric you see poking out (side note: I totally wish sock companies would realize this shade of nude is not my nude. I’d like a browner option, please.). And I snuck into my office conference room to take these pics at the end of the day because there was a lot of stuff going on in my alley.

So what do you think about clogs when you see this outfit?

What I’m wearing: Scoop neck tee, Gap Outlet | Tank, Target | Belt, NY & Co | Skirt, Loft circa 2005 (can I call that vintage) | Clogs, Cole Haan circa 2005 | Necklace and Heart Pendant, Taxco Jewelry | Watch, Swatch Tri-Gold | Bag, Deluxe Everygirl Tote courtesy of LeSportsac

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