Lost & Frustrating Me

I bought this shoe in April at Nordstrom Rack.

When I bought it, I bought the right shoe too.

I tried them on once in the mirror a month ago to see if I liked it with an outfit, decided on another pair of shoes.

I have not seen both shoes together since. I’ve torn my closet up, I’ve cleaned underneath my bed. I’ve looked in both guest rooms. I even went to the basement to see if I accidentally threw one in the box with my winter shoes that I store.

No luck.

So if you’ve seen it, could you let me know? I’d really like to wear it at least once.

0 thoughts on “Lost & Frustrating Me

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  2. Oh no doesn’t that just make you mad when that happens! That reminds me that I have a pair of blue suede wedge peep toes that I have yet to find an outfit to wear with them….I’ve only had them a year! Any suggestions?

  3. I’m so sorry and I hope you do find your shoes soon! It’s awful whenever you lose the shoes that you want to wear now. My only advice might be to not worry about them and only passively search because that’s when they’ll show up. Works almost every time!
    .-= Sheena´s last blog ..A Whole Lotta Look =-.

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