I’m Obsessed With | Steve Madden Empiire

Steve Madden Empiire
On Saturday I was reading the September issue of Lucky Magazine and on the last page I saw the Sam Edelman Falken clog, a slingback clog with an ankle strap in olive green. It was cool but I’m not that big a fan of ankle straps on me. I’ve got thicker legs and calves and ankle straps cut me off in a bad way but there was something about the shoes that I was drawn too.

Well about an hour after I saw the shoes, Jess and I ran over to the mall for a quick Sephora pop-in and in the Steve Madden store I came across the Steve Madden Empiire, and I instantly fell in love.

This is part of their new fall offerings and even though it’s August and we have sweltering heat here in DC this shoe makes me weak in the knees for fall clothing. They are canvas, so if I scrap up the $69 I can wear them now but I’m really dreaming about wearing them with colorful tights and skirts as the weather gets chillier (specifically with tights in the red and pink family). They come in leather in black and a camel color but there is something so military and cool about this olive green shade.

I WANT THEM! Now I either need a good sale or coupon code to make these babies mine. Have you started shopping for fall?

0 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed With | Steve Madden Empiire

    • @Jaci Yeah, I thought this was a better issue of Lucky than I’ve seen in a while. I go back and forth with them but September issues are always the best.

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