Fashionable Technology | Sony Nex-3 {A Blogger’s Dream Camera}

sony nex 3 I upgraded to a DSLR camera months ago BUT I might have picked the Sony Nex-3 if I had known about it at the time I was shopping around for a camera upgrade.

The Sony Nex cameras are the size of a compact camera but with interchangeable lenses and the imaging quality of a DSLR (like the big camera I lug around). When I heard about this camera I ran over to Ritz Camera during my lunch break to check it out and I talked to the salesman for an hour while he let me take pictures. It’s insanely light and the image quality was impressive to say the least. They were definitely comparable to my DSLR, and my salesman definitely made sure to show me.

The major selling factor for me was that not only would I get amazing picture quality but the camera is small and light so I could carry it everywhere and not worry about the size of my bag or if I had enough room for it. I do get tired of how big and bulky my DSLR can be but I love the image quality so I suck it up.

What also makes this even more versatile is that there is an adapter that you can use to fit any Sony Alpha lens to this camera, so you’re not stuck with just the Sony Nex lens options. The possibilities really do seem limitless. I’m serious, if I had the chance to make my camera purchase again, this would definitely be what I was carrying around in my bag right now. I’m seriously drooling over this camera. Seriously.

Have you seen it/played with it? What do you think of it?

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