Looking Forward to Fall | LeSportsac Platinum Collection

LeSportsac Platinum Collection fall 2010

I think because I’m an August baby I’ve always loved summer. I hate that as soon as the weather gets hot all the fall collections hit the stores. How can I possibly think about fall clothes when I’m in the middle of a heatwave?! Just let me enjoy my summer!

But there are a few things that do get me excited about fall, September magazines and fall/winter accessories.

I’m about to jump for joy with the new fall Platinum collection from LeSportsac.
More specifically I want to die over the smaller version of the Passerby bag in Blue Steel sequins! How over the top adorable is this?! I was just talking about wanting a sequin bag the other day but that it was totally out of my price range and this will be totally affordable. Double happiness right here.

I have a feeling sequins are going to be a huge trend this fall and a dash here and there with your accessories is a great way to follow the trend without going overboard. I love sequins in the daytime and I already have visions of pairing this bag with a white tee, my draped cardigan and dark wash jeans just to run errands. So adorable!

I also think the tote in silver sequins makes any errand look way chicer than any other bag and who doesn’t want a sequin makeup case?! LeSporstac, you’ve made this sequin loving lady very happy. You’ve also made me very excited for fall.


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