Go See Eat Pray Love, And Then Go To Italy

Eat Pray Love I got the chance to see Eat Pray Love on Tuesday night, yes I am a lucky girl. I read the book a while ago and was waiting to see the movie. I normally love books way more than movie adaptations but this was done nicely. I liked Julia Roberts as the main character and I had a few moments where I teared up in the theater, which surprised me. I loved the book because Elizabeth Gilbert went through what many would call a selfish journey to find out what she needed/wanted/craved in her life.  I think everyone has a moment in life where they want to be 100% selfish and focus on who they are and what they want in life. I get that.

I have a girlfriend who has been on a journey like that for years and she’s currently settled herself in Abu Dhabi for a new job. She’s traveled the world, learned languages, how to cook in different countries and I think she is a stronger better person because she stopped and focused on herself and her own needs for a few years. Don’t get me wrong, I miss her, but I’m happy that she seems to be happy with the person she’s become.  I couldn’t even imagine traveling to all the places she’s been or by myself for that matter! For me, travel is always best with my family or my husband and watching Eat Pray Love made me remember our family vacation to Italy in 2006.
My eat pray love moment
The picture on the left is with my husband, KBJ, in Rome in front of the Fountain of Four Rivers in Rome and the picture on the right is one of my most favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of KBJ in Vatican City in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. My parents and both my sisters were on that trip and we went to Rome, Milan and Venice and I’ve never laughed as much on a trip as I did on that one. I also said, “scusi” (excuse me in Italian) A LOT on that trip, which was probably the only Italian I spoke the entire time.

Eat Pray Love made me smile just by seeing the moments and places I’ve been before. For a moment it took me back to Rome and I smiled to myself in the theater. It made me want to go back but not to find myself (I’m pretty sure I know who I am) but to enjoy the food, eat lots of gelato and enjoy life.

Definitely go see the movie, it’ll make you want to go somewhere beautiful!

0 thoughts on “Go See Eat Pray Love, And Then Go To Italy

  1. I can not wait to see the movie I loved the book! It is my dream to travel to Italy for my honeymoon….only one problem I have to find a man to marry! LOL 🙂

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