Mondays & My Green Chucks

green chucks
Happy Monday! I spent all day yesterday cooking, so by the time the evening came it was time to watch True Blood instead of writing a blog post. Do you blame me?

I did snap a picture that I thought was pretty cute and I’d share today. All day yesterday I was running around in a white v-neck tee and jeans rolled up to mid calf. I threw on my favorite color Chuck Taylors and didn’t realize until the end of the day they are the low top version on my key chain. For a long time I could never get these green chucks in my size. They were always too big or only in high top versions and I’m just not a high top kind of girl. In January I found them on sale at a City Sports downtown (YAY! ME!). Whenever I get a chance to throw these on, I do. They just make me happy. Maybe I need to make these my Monday shoes because Mondays never make me happy.

So what makes you happy on a Monday?

0 thoughts on “Mondays & My Green Chucks

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  2. The thing that makes me happy on Mondays is my sun glasses in morning traffic. Rain or shine (without risking my vision and life of course), I will throw them on as a way to tell morning traffic “Hey. I know today is the first day of the week, but I still got a little bit of weekend left until I get to the office.” I know it’s a small thing, but it gets my day off to a good start.

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