Kmart & Sears Got Cute!

105973_SHOT_3_054 Um…when did Kmart AND Sears get cute? No seriously. I’ve been following Kmart Design on Twitter and I’ve seen a few cute things, had some good conversations about style, but when I saw images (left) for their fall ad campaign I was shocked. This looks like something I’d see in my Marie Claire or Elle. Now don’t get me wrong, I shop Target all the time but I haven’t thought about Kmart in a while. Then I found out that Sears was rebranding their design and was stepping up their game. They’re SearsFashion1 on Twitter and they have a Facebook site and they’re really trying to appeal more to customers like you and me.

I was so shocked by just the few images alone from Kmart, I immediately when to to see what they have. I realized that they were also a part of Sears (as well as Lands’ End) and I said let me just browse the dresses to see what they have and I found these beauties!
12 dresses that I want to own. Seriously.

So the next logical step was to go to a Kmart to see if it was really as great as it looked on the site. Well, the closest Kmart is a bit away from me, but I have a Sears Essentials that sells a lot of what they have online right down the street. So I hopped right on in my car and decided I needed to try a few things on. Just window shopping…
Kmart & Sears
I’m obsessed with the purple shift dress with the exposed zipper on the back. Fantastic work staple that you can dress up and down. I found a cute striped skirt with pockets, a high waisted grey pencil skirt, a fun black and white tie dye shirt with zippers, and I even tried on harem pants (but they so did not make the cut). Nothing was over $49 and I would’ve bought a lot if I had the budget to do it right then and there. It was affordable and cute!

So have you checked out your Sears or Kmart recently? Thoughts?

0 thoughts on “Kmart & Sears Got Cute!

  1. Sears and Kmart are not in my “go to” for cute clothes but maybe I should rethink that after these cute outfits! P.S. how do you go window shopping and actually try on clothes and not buy? Talk about restraint! Window shopping alway gets me in trouble!

    • Believe me, I HATE window shopping with a passion but I am on a super tight budget. So window shopping is my only option right now. Eventually it will pass.

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  3. I love your blog and it’s freshness, just jump on in the ride and check it out and give your readers the real scoop you’re a real live blogger/ reporter/trend setter LOL! love how the pics came out also with you in the dressing room w/ the camera (cute) but back to the post really ……. who would have thougt Kmart looking good. Step it up Wal-Mart!
    .-= Natashia´s last blog ..Watch out there now! =-.

  4. My small town has a K-Mart, and I frequent the store at least twice a month. I often get clothing for under $7 because they do mark downs pretty frequently. I go to Sears, also, and same thing–I stock up during the mark down season.


  5. I haven’t stepped foot in a kmart or sears in years, but that military coat she’s wearing the picture is something I would lvoe to have.
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for commenting on the blog. I love bling too!

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