Friday’s Fabulousness | Vanessa Boulton Handbags

Today’s fabulsouness comes courtesy of my Twitter twin TheB_Word aka Brandy. The other day she sent me a message saying she saw the Peacock Tote and thought of me. I adore peacocks and when I saw this bag, I swooned. And then when I checked out the Aurora bag and I really flipped.

How adorable is this bag?

How adorable are both of these bags? If you search the Vanessa Boulton site you’ll see lots of whimsical, fun and bright bags that will totally make you smile. They really did brighten up my day, so I had to share them with you guys.

Have a wonderful, fabulousness filled weekend.


0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness | Vanessa Boulton Handbags

  1. OMG! I love these! So fun and adorable and I always love it when you can find multicultural girls on bags and it’s not just one blonde option. Thanks for sharing DWJ!

  2. I won the peacock bag in a blog giveaway last month. Not only is it totally cute, but the details are impeccable! This is an awesome company that makes gorgeous bags.

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