CHI & Me

Chi & Me
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve gradually chopped off more and more hair in the last year of my life. If I go any shorter, it’ll be a pixie cut. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for me and I’ve also learned that I get a bit bored with the same hair care routine. So when the folks at asked me if I’d be interested in testing out a few products I jumped at the chance. I told them my biggest issue is that I have super thick, dry hair. If it isn’t moisturized, my hair will break off. I do have chemically relaxed hair (all the natural girls please keep all the booing and hissing to yourself) but I don’t color or highlight my hair and I deep condition almost weekly just to keep it hydrated. Especially in the summer.

One thing my hair is not, is soft. It isn’t brittle but I’ve never thought that my hair was soft and silky like other girls. So when I was asked to try the CHI (Cationic Hydration Interlink) Deep Brilliance Hair Silkeratin 17 Fortifying Treatment I said sure, why not? It contains silk and keratin which mimics your hair’s natural proteins and amino acids to give you softer, stronger, healthier and shinier hair. Sound good to me, but would it deliver what it claimed?

The directions are simple, shampoo and then spray hair with CHI and sit under a dryer for 15 minutes (with plastic cap on) and then rinse and style as usual. So I’ve done that for the last 3 weeks and my hair feels much softer, my mother and my hairdresser both said so. Even when I was about to get a relaxer and my hair is usually at it’s unruliest it felt soft and very fluffy, I was pleasantly surprised. I also feel like my hair doesn’t dull as quickly as it normally does in the high heat and humidity of a DC summer, the CHI helps it keep its sheen. A bonus with the CHI treatment, I haven’t noticed much shedding or breakage between shampoos that I would normally see (even with the short hair my hair was shedding like CRAZY!). Now THAT is enough to have me sold.

CHI retails for $30 on and I have to say, I want to order the rest of the products in the series just to see how fabulous my hair can truly be.

So have you tried CHI? Thoughts?

0 thoughts on “CHI & Me

  1. I love this entire line. LOVE IT ALL. Seriously, I’ve never thought my hair was shinier or healthier. I swear they put crack in it. I hadn’t heard of but I’ll check them out because I’m obsesed with all things hair!

  2. OMG. I need that. *rushes over to* I have thick, coarse and dry curly hair…when I wear it straight – big mess. I already have little frizz curls starting and it’s not even noon yet.

  3. The pic with the bottle on your head is adorable. HA! I haven’t tried CHI but I’ve been hearing that keratin treatments are the new hot thing to keep my hair straight so I may need to start looking to invest.

  4. I love CHI but I should warn you guys that you need to really rinse it out or you can find a bit of flaking on your scalp but it does make my hair super soft and shiny.

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