Dear Magazines, Who Are You Talking To?!

Elle Sept 2011
Yesterday I was eating lunch reading my digital issue of Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue when I did a double take on this page (pg 276). The Personal Style section had quick & easy styling tips and one of them was

“Sequined pants are the new day to night essential.”

Um…what day job (other than at Harper’s) are you working where sequined pants are appropriate?

I tweeted the quote and asked who was wearing them and was surprised by the answers and reactions I received. Folks were telling me that folks in the circus or as professional ice skaters wear those during the day. And that they’re seeing sequined pants in the stores like J Crew  styled for day (there was also mention of a “casual” top hat but I do not believe casual and top hat go together).

I’m not saying I’m anti-sequined pants. I love a good dose of sparkle and would wear them to a holiday party or just a dope party in general but I see no way in hell that I would be able to wear these to work and I work in a fairly casual environment. Actually no, I could wear them to work, but I’d feel like a fool.

That got me thinking about the great debate about the relevance of magazines and the relevance of bloggers. Personally, I believe the publishing industry needed bloggers to help make fashion more realistic and attainable.  I look at the September issues to get inspiration and ideas because Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire are all great but I do not have $795 to drop on sequined pants or $400 for a pair of shoes that aren’t practical in my life. I don’t dress for a fantasy world and I’m definitely not in the Devil Wears Prada book either.

I look to bloggers for real life inspiration and ideas that will actually work in my world. Everyone isn’t in NYC living a glamorous life but we all deserve a bit of glamorous reality everyday. So instead of rocking a pair of sequined pants for day, I’ll be searching for a great sequined bag to make a bold statement during the day. I think that’s a perfect compromise, don’t you?

0 thoughts on “Dear Magazines, Who Are You Talking To?!

  1. Uh yeah. If I strolled into my conservative white collar office in sequin pants, I’m pretty sure I’d either be made fun of or be sent home. Funny. I mean, I guess those fashion mags are all about inspiration for us common folk! I like to cut out the pictures of the stuff I like and use it as a reminder of things that look good together…but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be sequined pants for work.

    Maybe the rich folks or credit up-tp-there folks who have jobs where these clothes are acceptable are happy.

  2. I’m glad you commented on this because I was wondering the same thing while reading the new fall mags….what are they think? I think they are so far away from the everyday world people can’t relate! Sure I like to read and look at a little bit of fashion fantasy in the mags but this is way pass that. I’m glad there are blogs like yours that bring fashion down to an attainable level for us “normal” people in the rest of the world!

  3. I absolutely agree. I use the magazines for inspiration and then figure out ways to realistically incorporate things into my work wardrobe. The sad part is that everyone can’t always “figure it out” and this is where, I believe, bloggers come in. It helps people visualize how they can wear the current trends in their everyday lives. At the end of the day, fashion magazines are about fantasy and/or helping fashion lovers decide the ONE item they want to splurge on for the upcoming season.
    .-= Nikia´s last blog ..Etsy Showcase – Nayacos Dashiki Dresses =-.

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