Friday’s Fabulousness | Sequin Metal Ring Status Necklace

Why hello, Friday! I’m pretty excited that it’s the weekend because Monday will be MY BIRTHDAY! WOOHOO! I wasn’t excited but then when folks around me get excited it gets me excited too. I’m having a spaghetti (my favorite) dinner at my mother’s house on Monday with a few of my friends and family and it’s probably going to be a replica of my 7th birthday where I had a spaghetti dinner. The only difference will be it won’t have a Get Along Gang theme, LOL.

Enough about me, on to the fabulousness!

Today I’m rocking a pretty major statement necklace that I want to blog about and show how to wear it from casual to dressy (if you’re going to buy a statement piece you should be able to wear it with a lot of what’s in your wardrobe), so I thought I’d share another statement necklace at a great price to get you prepared for fabulous jewelry next week. The Sequin Metal Ring Status necklace is pretty hot and it’s only $45! I love necklaces that have multiple layers and I feel like a metal disc can pretty much go with any and everything you have in your closet. It’s a neutral! I would love putting this necklace over a white scoop neck shirt, I just love white and gold together (almost as much as Rachel Zoe loves a “white moment at the Oscars.” Did anyone else see that foolishness?).

Okay, that’s my fabulousness for today. Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you here on Monday. YAY!

0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness | Sequin Metal Ring Status Necklace

  1. I did see that on Rachel Zoe..OMG she was so funny about that! Where has she been all my life I just found that show a couple of weeks ago! P.S. Love a statement necklace over basic shirt and jeans just sayin’

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