A Gift & A Curse

Smithsonian Saturday
This photo my friends, represents the face of unemployment and how I’m handling it all. Yup, I got a pretty sucky birthday present on Friday, I got laid off AFTER I was wished a happy birthday. HA!

Here’s the crazy part, when they laid me off I felt a wash of relief come over me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m terrified. I only have 2 pay checks left and I have not not had a job since 1999…but over the last year I’ve been worried about money because of my job and in the last few months I had been worried about whether or not I’d be laid off AND have no money. So at least I’m back to stressing about just money. I know the job market is still pretty crappy but maybe there’s a great thing just waiting for me around the corner. I have to remain optimistic.

So what does this mean for The Art of Accessories? The only real change will be a list of my affiliate networks on the sidebar because that’s a way for me to make some income in order to keep the blog going (I’m self hosted, so I’ve got to find the cash somewhere…) but other than that not much will change here. I might even blog more since I’ll have more time to actually dedicate to creative things and the blog. The only thing I’ve been worried about are my How to Accessorize posts! I mean, do you really want to see me in my pajamas?! I’ll have to dress myself up for errands and the miscellaneous stuff I’ll do while I’m home.

Despite being laid off, I’m going to have a spectacular birthday. I’ve got a red velvet cheesecake I made in the fridge and a bunch of family and friends to celebrate with me this evening. I’ve also got my family, my health and I’m pretty happy, so this doesn’t have to be the worst thing ever. So happy birthday to me and I’ll be back to blogging regularly tomorrow, I am spending the day celebrating!


0 thoughts on “A Gift & A Curse

  1. Ugh. I’ve been unemployed…it was for 8 months. So, I hope your stay isn’t that long!

    Good luck with everything and I can’t wait to see what creative things you come up with!

  2. OMG I’m heart-broken for you…I know it must be difficult I can’t imagine. But I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday I hope you enjoy the day and forget about the stress if just for today. When one door closes….

  3. Oh no! What a wack birthday present! Sorry about the job woes, but I hope that something comes along that suits you. Hey, maybe you can get some good posts about accessorizing on a budget out of this experience. Or, um, dressing up PJs.

  4. First. Happy Birthday!!!
    I was laid off the week after New Year’s so I understand. However it was the best thing to happen to me. I didn’t think so at the time but I can’t even remember what I did at that old job. Here was my post about it. http://labeautybeat.com/2010/01/layoff-beat-beat-beatdown/
    Hang on in there, and my new job is hiring new folks if you are interested. Just email me and let me know what you are interested in doing. Take care
    .-= LaWanda´s last blog ..Seven’s BEAT- Summer Hair =-.

  5. Sorry about the layoff, but everyone here is so correct. I know for me it was a blessing in disguise to have been laid off. Perhaps you can find something that you are truly fit to do. My layoff gave me time to truly analyze my strengths and find the career that my other careers had gotten in the way of. Spend time with your family and find all the free stuff in the world to do! It may turn out to be the happiest birthday ever! Good luck.

    Ps. I will use the affiliates if I can. Thank you for your blog, it’s cute.

  6. OK, so we really need to do lunch soon! I was downsized back in July and I felt the same way that it was a gift and a curse. I was the same way employed since 99 and never thought it would happen but I feel so free right now. It has been the best thing to happen to me since having weight loss surgery. I’m sorry that you were laid off on your birthday but, better it waiting. I am enjoying my time off now (so will you) and I will begin my job hunt next month after fashion week lol! Hit me up when you want to do lunch or something! We can find somewhere cheap and chic 🙂

  7. 😦 SIGH. Well, being laid off isn’t a very good birthday present, but…who knows what could be in store? I hope my well wishes don’t seem full of fluff and insincere, because I am honestly wishing you and hoping for the best. You are smart and talented, so I’m praying that a blessing in the form of income/job is close!

    I’m glad you were able to stay strong and enjoy your birthday. I’ll be on the look out for something fabulous in your area.

    .-= Chandra (@ShiftC)´s last blog ..The Case of the One Too Manys- What I Wore to Church =-.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday ! My computer was down for a few days so I missed it but nevertheless I know you had a great time celebrating with your family and friends and yes I will be trying that recipe. I won’t even say sorry about your job because I’ve always believed when God closes one door he always opens another and girl you have a lot of doors ahead of you. (Smile) continued blessings and I’ m looking forward to see where you’re going & taking the aoa.
    .-= Natashia´s last blog ..Animal Magnetism =-.

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