How To Accessorize | George Mason & Me

George Mason
On my way home the other day I was thinking it was such a beautiful day and my outfit was cute, I should really take a picture outside. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find a place in DC with free parking (because a quarter gets you 7 1/2 minutes on a meter, WTH?!), without tons of folks walking around wondering why I’m putting up a tripod and taking pictures of myself. Sometimes my husband and I go walking around the tidal basin and I thought, why not swing by the George Mason Memorial? No one ever seems to visit George, so why not I on this glorious day? Plus, there’s a parking lot around the corner that is totally empty on days when there aren’t events going on.

So I went to visit George. I sat down, we had a brief chat and I took a few snaps. He was quite lovely and was totally alone on such an unusually mild August day.

What I’m wearing: Tunic, totally random purchase and the tag fell out | Cardigan, Loft | Necklace, Queen Been Designs | Cropped pants, Gap Outlet | Shoes, Nine West | Bag, Courtesy of LeSportsac

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