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I honestly can’t believe I’m posting a pic of myself with my hair undone but for the sake of this post, I needed to. The folks at sent me the CHI Fortifying Treatment (which I didn’t use this week and can totally tell and will not be straying from the program ever again) and the Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Styling Iron to review and I’ve spent the last 3 weeks falling in love with my hair again.

I only use flat irons on my hair, I stopped buying curling irons once I was in college because flat irons give me the best of both worlds. They curl and can straighten out my hair, especially when I need to get it chemically relaxed. I like the look I get with a flat iron over a curling iron but I’ve never considered investing in a higher priced iron because sometimes the prices can seem a bit much. So when I was offered the chance to test out a more expensive iron (the Sedu is on for $160) I was really intrigued to see the difference.

First thing’s first. Here’s what my old flat iron looks like.

Not pretty, huh? I usually buy a new flat iron every year to 18 months for about $30-$50. They get beaten up and dropped and dragged everywhere and usually die out on me after a year. That’s just how it has always been with me.
Here’s the Sedu up close.

I have to admit I love the black plates (won’t show dirt as easily) but they also wipe clean very easily. The other big difference I noticed was that this iron is way lighter than any other flat iron I’ve had before. The smooth plates kept my hair from dragging or pulling and I feel like when I passed my hair through the plates it comes out shinier than with my older irons. It also have adjustable heat from 180°F – 450°F (I tend to go to the higher side of the spectrum) and it doesn’t smoke like my older iron (yes, it smokes when you put it on the highest setting and I still used it).

The ultimate test for me was when I took the iron to my hair dresser. She uses the same kinds of ceramic plate flat irons that I do and always believed the trick to flat irons was really in how the user handled it. The moment she picked up the Sedu, she was in love. She loved how light it was and how smooth the plates were, so if I’ve sold her I may have sold you too.

For me the next step will be in the longevity of this product. If I can have this iron for years, then it would totally justify the price because I spend that in the amount of flat irons I’ve bought over the last 3 years! So tell me, have you tried a Sedu iron? Have you opted for the more expensive flat irons? What are your thoughts?

0 thoughts on “From Straight to Sleek | Sedu Revolution Styling Iron

  1. I love my Sedu! Though I somehow got one that marks the degrees in Celsius, even though I’m in America. I was so confused when I would read blogs and they said theirs got to 450 degrees and mine only goes up to 200!

  2. My first and only flat iron is a Hai iron that I purchased the beginning of 2007. It was expensive, maybe about 250-300 then, but it’s still going strong. Matter of fact, it’s birthday is Jan 12, 2007. It has a 2 1/4″ plate, which can be rare outside of salons. I have huge, long, non-relaxed hair, so I needed a big and fast iron. I haven’t been straightening my hair that often lately, but from 2007-end of 2008, it was in heavy service. I use it maybe 2 times a month now on my giant hair and it lasts all week. Ps. I bought a little one from Avon for my mom, I think Conair, and it blew up the first day I used it. I mean actually died from exhaustion. My mom took it as an omen that she didn’t need to straighten her hair and has decided never to try.

  3. There are some things I will do cheap, but flat irons isn’t one of them. The quality and durability definitely make it worth the price.

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