Friday’s Fabulousness | MAC Digi-Dazzle Lipstick

Wow, this week has really flown by faster than I anticipated. Week 1 of unemployment was okay, I did a lot of emailing and baking. Yesterday’s project was Martha Stewart’s Whoopie Pies (Which my husband kept calling Moopie Pies because he had never heard of a Whoopie Pie. Yes, he was raised by wolves.)
Whoopie Pies
I have surprisingly not been as fashion/accessories obsessed this week just because I’ve been doing so much other stuff with all this “free time” I have during the day. I didn’t even get through half the list of items I wanted to this week. What I did get though, was a new lipstick with my birthday money and I have to share because it’s so limited edition you may not be able to get one soon.
MAC Digi-Dazzle
I’m not a huge MAC makeup junkie like a lot of folks are. The very wild makeup artists always throw me off and the mad dash everyone makes for every collection (and they have a ton) makes me not want to fall in love with something that won’t be there when I run out. BUT when I walked by the display, the Digi-Dazzle lipsticks were calling my name. I picked up ‘Baby’s On Fire,’ a strawberry pink shade jam packed with sparkle. It’s isn’t overly glittery but it is definitely a unique shade. I don’t own a lot of MAC lipglasses because I feel like they dry my lip out and I always get that crazy white film on the inner rim of my lips but I do like the formula of their lipsticks and the very light scent they give off. It’s like candy.

I’m pretty sure the Digi-Dazzle Collection will sell out, I know Baby’s On Fire was 1 of just a few tubes left at my counter. I’d definitely suggest you add at least one to your lipstick collection.

It’s Labor Day weekend so I may not post on Monday, I plan on going to a few museums in DC that I haven’t been to before. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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