Good Moods Can Be Contagious, I Hope

I woke up today feeling a bit renewed and happy. Last night I had some great ideas that just kept coming and I love when I have those kinds of moments. It helps to renew my creativity and energy. So now that I’m rethinking my job prospects and what I want to do next in life, it would really be helpful if you told me what you like to read about and what you’d like for me to cover in the future. I’ve got a fresh start in life and I’m thinking about doing a fresh start on the Art of Accessories too.

So today I’m asking YOU to tell me what you want, can you do that? You can either leave a comment, or email me at I’d love to hear what you have to suggest.

And in lieu of a post from me, go on over to the September issue of Style Sample magazine and see if you can find the accessories tips from me! I’m so happy I was asked to contribute!

Style Sample September 2010

0 thoughts on “Good Moods Can Be Contagious, I Hope

  1. I’ve been digging the couple of posts about your baking & kitchen adventures. You always sound like you have fun at it and so does your family in the eating of it. That red velvet cake… mmmmm. Maybe a segment on wearing a cute Pier 1 apron while you bake for your loved ones? LOL

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