The Secret’s Out, I Want To Be British

union jack bag
My sister HAW gave me this lovely Union Jack Sequin Clutch from a new store in DC called Accessorize. I think I squealed with delight when I opened the bag and my mother said to me, “do you want to be British?”

I do. I really do.

union jack bag
I’ve been obsessed with all things Union Jack for a long time and perhaps it was because of my early love of Mary Poppins (I had British themed birthday presents from my sisters, they know how much I love it!). The accents, the tea drinking, the accents…I’m smitten.

When my husband and I went to London I refrained from buying Union Jack items but I couldn’t resist taking a picture in the iconic red phone booth.

And now that I’ve been gifted this fabulous sequined bag (with a chain strap) I’m trying to figure out every single outfit I can wear this with. Even if it’s a white tee and jeans I’ll rock this bag on my weekly trip to Costco. I have fallen that hard for it.

I love this bag.

I love London.

And I love my sisters too.

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