Healthy Nails & The Return of Monday’s Manicure

I took a break from Monday’s Manicure for a while because I wanted to try other posts and wasn’t focusing on my nails as much. Plus, my nails were peeling like crazy and I thought they needed a bit of TLC. At the same time that I said Monday’s Manicure was going on hiatus, Seche asked me if I wanted to try their Perfect Nail System and if I liked it give away a bottle or two to my readers.

Now I’ve already sung the praises of the Seche Vite Top Coat, I do think it’s the best there is for a fast drying top coat. And because of the track record I had with Vite I decided to give the Perfect Nails a try.

There are 3 products in the line: Retain, Rebuild and Recondition. Retain maintains already healthy nails. Rebuild strengthens weak nails like mine that are prone to splitting. Recondition adds flexibility to dry brittle nails. The pic above is what my nails look like after using it for the month of August. NO PEELING! Finally. I applied it to my nails every 4 days and they just kept getting stronger and strong. Now I’ve switched over to using Retain to keep them healthy and strong. I’ve also been using it as a base coat for my nail polish and I swear my polish seems to last even longer now. I think Seche may have magic in the bottle!

So if you want a bottle of Retain, Rebuild or Recondition, leave me a comment and tell me what your nails are like and I’ll pick a winner or two at the end of the week. And I’ll also start doing more picks of my Mondays’ Manicure and a few Monday’s Mascaras each week again.

0 thoughts on “Healthy Nails & The Return of Monday’s Manicure

  1. I could definitely use the Three Rs of nail happiness. My nails are also prone to peeling and general brittleness. I have to keep them very, very short, otherwise they snag on things. I’d love to have strong healthy nails for my wedding day in November! ❤ you, DWJ.

  2. Mine are like yours! Peel, peel, peel. It’s so frustrating, especially when they finally grow out, only to look lumpy and bumpy because the tips have all peeled off. Grr!

  3. My nails crack on the sides and then break. I’ve used a popular brand of strengthener that makes my nails lift off of the nail bed–frustrating all around! Needless to say, I need a new system to get my nails back into shape.

  4. My nails alternate between peeling and just outright breaking. They do a little better when I remember to take my vitamins, but I never really attain length. Needless to say, I’d love to try this polish.

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  6. I have decent nails when I take time to work with them and keep them painted that is. My nails like to split at the sides near my fingers for some reason. I have started taking a hair, nail, skin vitamin so I’m hoping that will start helping. I have tried the Seche Vite Top Coat and I like it so I think I’d like to try more products from them.

  7. My nails are prone to peeling and flat. It’s funny that I stumbled upon your blog today … a few minutes after my stylish, fashionista mom was telling me that I need to polish them to be a totally finished package when I go to work on Monday. Too funny!!!!!

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  9. Those three R’s sounds like what my nails need to become presentable. After a special occasion and a try at fake nails to look “presentable”, i totally spoiled my natural nail. I converted my OK nails to peelable, yellow, weak, bendable and constantly splitting nails… sad situation. I love the Seche Vite Dry Fast, maybe this treatment will help me QUICK! Haven’t found a solution yet!

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