Tangy Sweet

Smithsonian Saturday

I love this photo. My husband’s facial expression is priceless and he really was giving me a taste of his yogurt. I just happened to capture it.

The other weekend my husband and I acted like DC tourists and went to a few of the Smithsonian museums. Afterwards he decided he wanted to try the frozen yogurt at Tangy Sweet in Penn Quarter. 

I obliged of course.

Smithsonian Saturday

He had the featured flavor (mango, I believe) with fruity pebbles and coconut. Not my favorite. I had the green tea yogurt with no toppings. The green tea yogurt was INSANELY good.

I have an ice cream maker at home and totally want the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment for Butter but I’ve never tried to make frozen yogurt. I’m always curious as to what makes it so different from ice cream and what gives it that sour taste. Perhaps I’ll have to do some research and test some out in my kitchen just so I can recreate that yummy green tea yogurt again.

Until I do, I’ll just have to visit Tangy Sweet one more time.

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