Eye Obsessed | Contrasting Eyeliner

Eye Obsessed | Teal
I know my favorite color is green and I know that in terms of makeup it can be such a scary color to some folks. That always perplexes me, color can be your friend!

Well this summer I was obsessed with two tone eyeliner, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite combinations. I love to do a neutral color on the top (navy, charcoal grey, black, dark brown) and then a pop of color on the bottom (teal, green, purple, bright blue). It makes it fun.

Eye Obsessed | Teal
The lighting on my photo is a bit too warm but you can get the gist of my combination. For this I used Rosie Jane Eye Defines in Night on my upper lash line and on the bottom I swiped my FAVORITE, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Covet. I love the Urban Decay pencil because it’s creamy so it really glides on and I can apply it on my water line. It also LASTS all day long. I’m also smitten over this color. They call it peacock green, I just call it fantastic.

If I’m doing a liquid liner I will wing the liner out a bit and then do a really bold color on the bottom like a bright blue. I love the contrast. The only liner that I’m a bit afraid of is silver liner. I have one that I bought a while ago, I’ve put it on and I just think the color is a bit too shocking. Has anyone else gone heavy metallic on the liner? I’d love to see how it worked for you. What are your favorite liner combos?

0 thoughts on “Eye Obsessed | Contrasting Eyeliner

  1. Totally love your site, especially How to accesorize, sometimes we have a bunch of clothes we dont know how to combine or use, and you gave me a lot of ideas…thank you very much!

    Greetings from Sonora, México =)

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