Death To My Heels, Viva La Wedge!

My feet HURT. Every single time I go out to an event and stand around in 3 inch heels for hours (even if they’re a stacked heel) my feet are killing me the next day or even that night.

I hate having to carry flip flops or ballet flats in my bag.

I hate limping to my car.

I can’t do it anymore. My heels, arches and toes are begging me to give up high heels.

I’m short though and I need the height, so perhaps I’ll just rely solely on wedges? Like right now I’m kind of in love with the ALDO Poliquin wedge (did you know ALDO is on now?).

It’s a clog and a wedge and would be killer with black tights in the winter and any skirt I have in my closet. And my feet wouldn’t hate me at the end of the night.

I just can’t. I may have to give up on them. Even though I don’t want to. Who’s with me?!

0 thoughts on “Death To My Heels, Viva La Wedge!

  1. I’m with ya sister! I LOVE heels and used to wear them all the time to work. Now that I work for myself i find that I’m wearing wedge’s a lot more and i LOVE them. I hope to build a new shoe collection based on style AND comfort.

  2. Have you ever tried Pampered Toes or YogaToes? Stumbled across the former at CVS one day (they were on sale) and now cannot live without them! I put them on after an extended wear of heels (specifically standing, like you mentioned) for at least 30 mins… seriously, makes a world of difference!

    And, in general, unless I’m going out-OUT, I don’t wear heels… not to work, etc., only flats and wedges for me! Having crunched up feet just isn’t worth it!

  3. Wow I love those wedges…I no longer can wear sky high heels due to a couple foot surgeries but I can still work some wedges and would love to add these to my shoe collection!

  4. I haven’t worn heels in a while. The last time I wore a pair of 4″ heels, I was ready to fight anyone who said ANYTHING to me. My feet were screaming and one more step would have resulted in me going on a killing spree. I have been looking at kitten heels, 2.5″, wedges, and cute flats. Super high heels are no longer my friend. I’m barely 5’3″ and I am okay with my mini stature, lol
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Fashions Night Out The Chicago Version =-.

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