Last Night | Cocktails With Belle

Cocktails with Belle
Last night I went to a networking cocktail party, Cocktails with Belle, hosted by Demetria Lucas of A Belle In Brooklyn. A lot of folks know and love Demetria’s blog (and she’s coming out with a book in spring 2011) and I know her because of my BFF Jessica (they went to high school together). It was kind of surreal to be at an event with someone you know and have hung out with casually and have everyone in the room trying to meet her and talk to her. Belle works hard and was on all night.

I didn’t get a full outfit pick of her but her babydoll dress is leather (very dope) and her shoes were these glittery lovelies. I don’t know how she stood up in those for hours but she did and without complaints. My feet are still killing me from last night. I woke up limping.
Cocktails with Belle

Jessica was also pretty sassy herself last night in her cut out Hayden-Harnett dress. She was so adorable.

DC is really the networking town, I’ve never been to more networking cocktail parties anywhere else! I feel like I need a wardrobe just for networking! The positive side is that I met a couple of great folks, reconnected with a few that I lost touch with and generally had a great time hanging out with my girls.

So what have you been up to lately?

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