Whoopie Pies, Need I Say More?

Whoopie Pies

When I made my red velvet cheesecake I had to buy a quart of buttermilk. I didn’t want the buttermilk to go to waste so I tried to find recipes that would require buttermilk, and that’s where the whoopie pie project came from.

I call it a project because this is a bit of a process. You have to bake the cakes, make the frosting and assemble them. BUT, the response to these were so good, I will have to make them again (and again). 

I own the Martha Stewart Cookie Book and the Cupcake Book, so I just used this recipe for her Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies. I didn’t do peanut butter frosting (out of peanut butter in the pantry) and decided to use the recipe for buttercream frosting from the red velvet cheesecake recipe to give the pies a richer, sweeter frosting. There is also a 7 minute plain frosting that Martha gives as well, cause she’s nice like that.

The cake was super moist and dense and I whipped the frosting until it was spreading like silk. You really only need 1 to satisfy that deep chocolate craving but I usually ate 2 with a tall glass of milk while lounging around on the couch.

The funny thing about these was my husband had never heard of a whoopie pie before (I swear sometimes he was raised by wolves…) so he kept referring to them as moopie pies. Whatever.

I just call them a tasty treat.

Whoopie Pies

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