Friday’s Fabulousness | Bunnies & Bare Escentuals

I woke up this Friday morning to Ryan Reynolds’s gorgeous face on the Today Show…that right there is enough fabulousness for me folks. Seriously. Why is he so handsome?

Okay, I must focus and get back to the fabulousness at hand here.

Today I am going to pop over to Dupont Circle because the Bare Escentuals Quickie Van is making a stop there today from 12-6pm. You know how much I love BE, so I have to stop by and see what all they’re offering in terms of a makeup makeover. You can also follow them on Twitter to see when they’re coming to your area too. I wish every beauty brand would do stuff like this to get folks interested in their product. It just seems so fun!

Now the other thing that I’m loving this Friday is a book that I finally got in the mail after pre-ordering it so long ago. I’ve mentioned the adorable Fifi Lapin, the super stylish bunny rabbit that blogs about her fashion choices. Well, she’s come out with a book!

What Shall I Wear Today is a fashion book like you’ve never seen. I’m in love with it. I’ve been devouring it ever since it arrived in my mailbox (which my mailman jammed in there and it was stuck for a day) and it is too cute to not share with everyone. There is great style advice but I love the fact that she really says wear what you love and be who you are. Plus, the illustrations are my absolute favorite thing in the world. Who knew a bunny rabbit could be so fly?! If you love fashion and appreciate the beauty of fashion illustration, you should definitely pick this one up. I’m so glad that I did. It’s just too fabulous.

Oh and I’m giving everybody until Monday morning to enter to win their own bottle of Seche for their problem nails. Just leave me a comment on the original post and let me know what your nail issues are and I’ll pick 2 folks to win.

Have a fabulousness filled weekend my friends!


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