The Best Pot You’ll Even Own

I’m not a chef, I’m not an expert cook, I’m just a woman who cooks everyday and really likes too. So I thought I should share the thing that I love to have in my kitchen.

A dutch oven.

I actually own 2 and I want another. It’s that serious. 

Dutch ovens are great because they are huge cast iron pots that are coated with enamel so things don’t stick, and you can put them on the stove top and in the oven. They do it all. 

In my kitchen I have this Lodge Cast Iron Apple Dutch Oven in apple green. I was lucky and grabbed it in a clearance sale at the Williams Sonoma outlet for $20!! That is an amazing steal. I like to use it for smaller batches of soups since it’s just 3 quarts. For my everyday meals like braising meat, large batches of chili or even my curry, I use a Martha Stewart 7 quart dutch oven I got on sale at Macy’s. A good dutch oven can cost you over $100 but it is definitely an investment in your cooking. 

If you invest in one piece of cookware, I’d suggest a dutch oven. It is the best kitchen investment you will ever make.

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