Call Me Crazy, Or Call Me Cowgirl

Lately, I’ve been finding myself gravitating towards cowboy boots. Crazy? Perhaps. At least I can admit that, right?

I’ve been looking at ankle length cowboy booties (is that what you would call them?) and have been thinking about pairing them with black tights and a full or a-line skirt when the weather gets cooler. I’ve seen boots in all kinds of fun colors and combinations but I have to say I’m kind of smitten with the Two Lips Women’s Bullet Boot. The studs kind of tug at my heart strings. It says I’m fun with just a splash of sass mixed in.

I also think it would compliment this Betsey Johnson bag I bought a few years ago. It’s covered in studs too and is probably one of my favorite totes to carry.

So what do you think about cowboy boots? Are you down? Or do you think it’ll make you look more like a rodeo clown?

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