My Morning Cup of Color

Pantone Mug

I live in a very colorful house. I wear very colorful clothes. I find that color makes me happy. 

That’s probably why I like to have my morning cup of tea in a Pantone mug every day. 

My girlfriend Erin gave me a set of the coffee colored Pantone mugs a year or so ago and I added a red and green mug to my set this year (my favorite color is green and my husband’s is red). 

My background is in graphic and publication design and I’ve been obsessed with Pantone colors for as long as I could remember. I love being able to select a shade that I adore and bring it into my home. I even believe in my Colorstrology

I think I subconsciously painted my home office this shade just to help inspire me. Now if Pantone would just make nail polish, I’d be a happy woman. 

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