Itching For Fall

Can I just say I’m kind of dying for the crisper weather to settle in? I’ve got scarves, jackets, hats and boots I’m dying to wear and today it’s going to be 90 degrees in DC. COME ON! Of course I’ll be complaining when Old Man Winter comes along but I love fall. I love jackets! I love boots!

And speaking of boots, over the knee boots are still hot this season and I own a super cute grey pair I talked about last year, and if I could buy another pair I would grab the Diba Julip boots in this gorgeous royal blue color.

First I’ll say this, I own this vivid blue in a classic shift dress, cardigans and blouses. This is a universally flattering shade of blue from the palest of skin to the darkest of skins. I love this royal blue color. If you don’t believe me, believe Oprah. In the October issue of O Magazine they ran a piece about this shade of blue and how flattering it can be and how it can add a bit of punch to your fall wardrobe (I’m obsessed with the full sleeve tunic that appears on the first page of the article). Instead of going basic black or even more neutral in the grey shade like I did, add a burst of color to your shoe collection. Especially if your wardrobe is pretty neutral.

This shade of blue would be fab over black leggings or opaque tights, with jeans and it is totally stunning against camel. The other thing that makes these over the knee boots so wearable is the fact that they don’t have a high heel (which is what kind of makes some over the knee boots look like they were made for Pretty Woman). So you can actually wear them in a lot of scenarios and still be comfortable and cute. And the other great thing about them? They’re $50. Yeah, I’d buy them today if I could. Would you?

0 thoughts on “Itching For Fall

  1. Can I just say…AWESOME! I’ve never thought of blue as universally flattering. I usually NEVER wear blue because I’m convinced it doesn’t look good on. Guess I’ll have to try again!

    I would wear boots today if I could. But, like DC, it’s gonna be 90 here also! Drat!

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