Friday’s Fabulousness | L.A.M.B. Haughton Clutch

It’s Friday but honestly, everyday feels like Friday to me right now. HA! Hopefully it’s a happy Friday for you and you have something great planned over the weekend.

Since I haven’t been lugging a huge bag everyday to work I’ve been loving the smaller bags in my closet a bit more and looking at clutches and shoulder bags more and more. I’ve actually got a pretty big collection that doesn’t get used as much because I carry everything in the world with me on a daily basis when I go to an office!

Right now, I’m kind of in love with the L.A.M.B. Haughton Clutch in the Kiss Me print right now. I love the bright red and pink lips all over and the zipper details. I do find that when I have a clutch that folds over I have to be a little careful that I don’t over stuff it and then can’t fold it over. It happens, I try to cram a lot into such a little space. The bag is lined in silver and black stripes too (I really need to figure out how to sew a shape like this, it seems so simple) which is a great contrast.

I’d probably carry this bag with jeans and a tee or a little black dress, it’s just so fun you want to take it everywhere and where it with everything (but I also have a tendency to wear the things I love to death).

I’ve got a weekend filled with family and friends, so I couldn’t be happier. If you get a chance, make sure to pop on over to Crumbs & Creativity and show me some love over there too. Have a fantastic weekend my friends!


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