Monday’s Manicure | I Tried…

So last week I tried to do something different, step out of the box of my normal manicure. I’ve been reading All Lacquered Up for years now and when I saw her ombre manicure I wanted to try it.

My version wasn’t as perfect as hers was BUT I did get lots of compliments. It was one of those manicures that you can look at from a far but when you get close up you realize it’s not as blended as you had hoped (LOL). I’m still going to keep working on it.

I used Urban Outfitters Turquoise nail polish as the base and I layered Sinful Colors I Love You (a jelly like purple) on the top. I only did three layers on my nails but the effect was there and I could see if I took my time and really applied the color slower I might have a better effect but they were fun nails all the same.

My next nail art project is going to be from Steph’s Closet, she did a really cool leopard print nail that I saw on Twitter and HAVE to recreate. Has anyone else tried anything fancy nail art wise at home? Any tips for my ombre mani?

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