Perfect Brownie Bites

The other day I quoted my husband saying I spoiled him with brownies made from scratch. I haven’t made brownies from scratch in over a month or so, but if you want the recipe it’s super easy and I got it from the box of baker’s chocolate I use. It’s a one bowl brownie recipe and they will honestly be the best brownies you’ve ever had. 

What I would like next time I make brownies is this lovely silicone brownie pan. That way I could make perfect treat sized brownies to pop in my mouth (or make a brownie sundae with…). I’ve grown to love baking with the silicone molds because they make cake and muffin removal so much easier. Especially if I’m working on multiple layers. I’m always down for anything that makes cooking convenient or cute. 

And speaking of cute, my sister bought the cutest pan from Williams-Sonoma that makes your brownies look like chocolate bars, GENIUS! But honestly, isn’t everything that comes out of that store brilliant? If only I could run wild with a shopping spree there. How lucky would I be?

And today is Tumblr Tuesday, so if you feel so inclined, please recommend me

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