An Open Invitation to Martha Stewart

Dear Martha,

Yesterday I watched you on Oprah, probably my favorite show of the year. I have idolized you since I was a teenager and my support and love of you has never faltered. I try to incorporate “good things” into my everyday life and I frequent your sites, shows, books and blogs for inspiration. 

Whenever someone asks, if you could have dinner with someone living or dead, my response is always Martha Stewart. So when I heard you on Oprah say, “invite me to dinner!” I knew I had to blog my invitation.

So this is my formal invitation. Martha Stewart, if you are ever in the DC area or want to take a trip to a Maryland suburb, you are more than welcome to have dinner at my house. Maybe I’ll make a grilled cheese bar since you love it so much, or perhaps I’ll braise you chicken (my husband’s favorite) or make you fish tacos (my favorite). Whatever it is, I assure you I would love to have you over to dinner (or lunch) at my home and would love to just be in your presence for a few hours.

A loyal fan,


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