Friday’s Fabulousness | High & Low

This has been a week of some highs and lows for me, not anything super low but just one of those moments when you’re up and then something knocks you down a bit. No worries, I just pick myself up and dust myself off and keep moving forward. Since I’ve had such a high/low week I thought I’d do a high/low Friday’s Fabulousness.
I recently fell head over heels with the Tory Burch Halima bootie. A rugged looking boot that you know you wouldn’t even dare wear in the snow but you’d be super cute wearing in the ski lodge. I especially love them in leopard print but I do not love the $450 price tag. Plus, I don’t like to spend that much money on something I think of as a trend and wouldn’t necessarily wear in the next 2 to 5 years.

My lower priced alternative?

I think I would totally go for the Chinese Laundry Jumper bootie and I’d probably swap out the laces.

We Love Colors has laces in 51 colors so you could swap out the laces on these babies and buy tons of colors (at $2 a pop) to match any outfit or mood. I mean, with all the money you’re saving, why not? That way you can still rock a trend but even on a smaller budget.

I’ve got a nice weekend ahead of me (and I hope you do too). It’s my mother’s birthday tomorrow and I get to spend it with her and get to spend some long overdue time with my very adorable godson. So that will help me end my week on a high note.

Over the weekend, make sure to check out Crumbs & Creativity, I’ve invited Martha Stewart to come to my house…I hope she accepts!

Have a great weekend!


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